Arrr, me mateys! Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and the fun has hit our forums!

First of all, we've got a pirate theme for the forums! This is the default theme for today, but will remain a selectable theme for the next seven days, while our pirate activities continue to run.

Next, ye may notice that posts sound a bit different to usual. Yarr, that be the old piratey speak, showing up again. See what changes ye can notice. If ye think of any other piratey words, feel free to PM me, and I may just be able to add them in.

These changes only apply to the pirate theme. They won't be present on any of the other forum themes. If ye want to change theme, this can easily be done via the theme selection box, at the bottom of the forums.

In addition, we have Contests!
  • The age-old rivaly between pirates and ninjas has arrived on our forums, check out the rules here.
  • Also, no pirate fun would be complete without a treasure hunt! To begin yer search, head over to the thread here.

Most of all, have fun, me mateys!