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Thread: 5x speed server?

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    Re: 5x speed server?

    Quote Originally Posted by vinit144 View Post this server really a real one or not? O_othe caption on tab says "Travian comy".. Now what does "comy" mean?
    well, it turns out that this is now indeed a 10x guaranteed server:

    speedserver will be restarted as a special 10x speed server.

    The start is on Monday, 2nd of July 2012 @ 08:00 UTC+1.
    The registration has already started, it will close when we have ~5000 registrations. After obtaining a registration code, you can register here:

    Some specialities:
    - Amount of players is limited to ~5000
    - Map size reduced from 400 to 150 radius
    - 600 Gold for each Player on the Speed Arena once
    - Access to the Speed Arena is restricted and is only possible via an access code.

    How to get a code:
    - Log in to your travian account
    - Click 'Plus' from top right
    - Get the Arena 10x -package. With the speed arena package you will get your limited access code

    * In case you do not have an account in a server that is running, you have to register a new account to com2 to be able to get the package. This also applies to players from previous rounds as package cannot be bought in server that has already ended. The server currently open for registration is , simply register there, activate, login and then get the Arena 10x -package. If you do not login to com2 after that, the account in com2 will delete itself due to inactivity.

    Version of the server is T4 and speed is 10x and the address of the server therefore is:


    Played travian for 4 years, and all I got was:

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    Re: 5x speed server?

    Which sucks, as you have to pay for that.

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    Re: 5x speed server?

    Have exams in July.. Bye bye 10x..

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    Re: 5x speed server?

    I think if there are more ppl calling such server back, the dev will do. travian is now becoming slow, browser game like this should be updated as modern tech develops.
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