Hi everyone,

I am currently looking to recruit some more Multihunters.

Multihunter duties include:

  • Taking care of violations of the game rules
  • Answering questions about the game rules
  • Troubleshooting bugs

The requirements for Multihunters are:

  • You MUST be over 18 because you are required to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement.
  • You must have an excellent level of written English
  • You must be a team player
  • You must be willing to use IRC as a means to communicate with myself and the other MHs
  • You must be an experienced player with a minimum of 1.5 years playing experience

Please use the online application form here: http://apply.travian.org

All roles (Forum Mod, Multihunter & Support) are voluntary.

I will only contact the successful applicants, please do NOT PM me on the forum or by email asking when you will hear back - because I won't reply.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to apply and good luck

Kind regards,