Hi everyone,

One of our server providers has a huge problem with their power supply, as there is a high risk of things going 'KABOOM' they need to do some emergency work on their site to replace some 'stuff'.
This means they will be cutting power to a number of Travian servers including (I'm sorry to say) both AU3 and AU5.


Sys Admin will start to take the affected servers down from 06:30am (GMT+10) on Wednesday 10th August.

How long for:

There exists the possibility that the servers could be unavailable for as long as 7 hours (2pm GMT+10) or it might be a lot less.
Travian Games ("the client" in this instant) just don't know any more than that.

"What happens to my account?"

While the servers are unavailable the game is paused - so no attacks or scouts will land, no troops eat crop (therefore won't starve), no resources accumulate (so no warehouses will fill up), no building upgrades will complete, no research will be completed, no troops will be trained, no CPs will accumulate. Nothing will happen.

All attacks and scouts will get cancelled - All attacking troops will be sent back to where they were launched from
All settlers en route to settle a new village will stop and set up a camp on the trail and have a big bonfire while the game is paused.
All reinforcements that are moving around will also stop mid-journey to consult their map and see where they are in case they missed their turn off (they stop but don't get sent home).

When the servers return the following things will happen:

All returned attackers and scouts will still be in the village that they started from - you will need to send the attack again.
Both settlers and reinforcements will continue on to their destination when the game continues.
All resources, CPs, research, building upgrades etc will continue from the point the game had been paused.
From the point of the server return, troops will not be able to starve to death until 14:00 (GMT+10) 11th August - 24 hours of 'no starvation'.