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Thread: Au2 Multi-account server

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    Au2 Multi-account server

    I looked in the various different forums, and didn't find anything on this. When I went to register, it said something about au2 being a multi-server though.....

    Could someone either point me towards more information on this, or give me an explanation of how that works/worked?

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    It pretty much means that anyoone can register as many accounts as they like. You still have to play them yourself, i.e. no bots, scripts.
    This is the announement about it:

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    Also, registration for au2 has now closed, so you wont be able to sign up.

    Bear in mind, that the multi-account rule relaxation only applies to au2.

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    With regards to how it worked Lynx, the ruleset was otherwise as normal, with a few key exceptions, the two major ones that come to mind are:

    The multihunters would not persecute multi-accounts (funnily enough )
    The use of gold-referral links was banned (to prevent abuse)

    Note that the automatic pushing rules were not changed. This meant that a player was still limited by the same IP address pushing limits automatically imposed on any other server. As a result, there amount of resources capable of being moved between own accounts prior to artefact release was severely limited.
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