Hello, and welcome to our recently remodeled Guides section. I hope you find the information you are looking for here.

A couple of things have been put in place to help make locating the appropriate guide simpler.

First, there is a thread prefix in front of every game guide letting you know what category it falls under. The categories available are:

  • Gauls
  • Romans
  • Teutons
  • General Information
  • Military Strategy
  • Number Crunching

They are all colored differently to help make spotting the category you want easier.

The second part of the system is thread tagging. At the bottom of each thread is an area where tags are shown and can be added. To start things off, I've tagged the guides with relevant terms, including the thread prefix for that thread.

How does this help you find the right guides?

Well, if you go to the top of the page, you'll see "Search". Click on that, and a small menu drops down. Click "Tag Search", and you will be taken to the tag cloud, which shows the most-used tags. You can either click on one of the tags in the cloud, or search for a tag by typing it into the search area below the cloud.

So, say you are looking for a guide on raiding. In the tag cloud, you can see "raiding" (the tags are in alphabetical order). You can click on that word and be taken to a results page, which will show you all the threads tagged with the word raiding. Alternatively, you could have typed "raiding" into the tag search area and gotten the same results.

Note that you will get much, MUCH more helpful results with this system than with the normal forum search (which is, honestly, about useless).

If you have any questions about the tag system, please drop me a PM and ask.