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    intro to travian

    Welcome to Travian classic T3.6

    What is travian
    Travian is a troop based civilization type game where players compete in a military and economic race.

    Game play
    As Travian is NOT a turn based game, but rather a game in real time, so all buildings and troops will have a construction time cost.

    Game Economics
    Everything in the game will cost a mixture of Timber, Clay, Iron and Crop. Excesses can be traded on the marketplace, allowing people to play as 'trader'. Upgrading your Timber, Clay, Iron and Crop fields increases your income per hour and gives you a stronger economy.

    Civilization aspect of the game.
    You initially start with only 1 baby village. You cannot build a large army with such a small economy. The economic aim, is to develop your village, and to build as many villages as possible to create an economic powerhouse able to fund and feed as many troops as you can.

    One restriction and challenge to overcome when growing your empire is that the game requires you to reach a certain number of cultural points before you can build your next village. So the Civilization challenge is to build both your economy and your cities cultural point production.

    Growing your cities will take time and resources. Effective city planning and development strategies will be needed to be successful in competing to have the largest empires!

    Military aspect of the game.
    The game offers players the chance to play a wide variety of different playing styles. In total players have a choice of 3 different tribes. Each tribe has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. All tribes can be used to build attack troops, and all tribes can be used to build defense troops.

    DEFENSE -> Be it a bank, a country, or your own village, if your not able to protect your valuables then others will just walk in and take them. You will be heavily reliant on troops to protect your resources from being stolen, but not just that, you also need to be able to protect your villages from being annexed!

    OFFENSE-> Players can easily build troops so that they can steal resources from other players. The more resources you gather, the faster you can build up your armies and your empires.
    Or even wage wars and send siege weapons to destroy your enemies!

    You even have the ability to capture your opponents cities to advance your game!

    Heres what you can do as a offensive military commander:

    • Steal resources from other players
    • Capture villages from other players
    • Capture special artifacts
    • Attack those that attack you or have attacked your team mates.

    Heres what you can do as a defensive military commander:

    • Defend your villages from being annexed
    • Defend your resources from being stolen
    • Defend your friends and team mates from attacks
    • Keep and defend important game artifacts.

    The fun part of the game will be learning how to balance between the growth and expansion of your empire and having the troops needed to defend what you have, and learning how to advance your game using troops.

    Troop upkeep
    Where other games may have no upkeep for troops, on travian troops have to be fed hourly and as such have a crop upkeep that is measured hourly. Each troop may have a different upkeep which is clearly visible when you go to purchase the troops.

    When troops are walking to other villages or home from other villages, or even if they are stuck in traps, the troops eat the crop from the village that built them. When troops reinforce other villages, they then eat the crop from the village they are in.

    Troop upkeep is the main limiter on the maximum size of the armies that can be built. Successfully managing crop is a key strategic element in the game.

    Careful though, should you run out of crop, your troops will starve to death.

    How the game mechanics work – building and using armies.
    Before you build any troops, you should familiarize yourself with the troops that your tribe can build.
    i play to link screenshot to the instructions here
    You will notice that there are offensive troops, and defensive troops. You dont want to make the mistake of defending with the wrong type of troops, or waging wars with defensive troops.

    When attacking, a small amount of troops from several villages is not effective at all. Its only by building alot of attack troops from a singular village that the attack will be successful. Troops take time to build, so increasing the levels of the barracks, stables and workshop will increase your troop production levels.

    Attacking will only be successful if you have alot more attack troops then your opponent has defense troops.

    Defense troops can make a highly effective anvil even if they were built from many different players or from different cities.

    How the game mechanics work – troop movements and troop ownership
    With troops. Troops can only be sent out and controlled by the village that made them. They are attached, and permanently owned by the village and the account owner that built them.
    This means that you can reinforce and defend other players, and your troops are still owned by the village that built them. Even if you own more then 1 village, you cannot build troops in one village and make them belong to your other village.

    When your moving troops, when you send them out as an attack or to defend someone, you have up to 90 seconds to change your mind. After 90 seconds, your troops will be too far to hear your calls to return and there is no way to contact them. You can still track your troops movements by going to the rally point.

    If you sent your troops to reinforce a village, when they arrive, in the rally point you will see the option to recall them to come home. You cannot tell them to go from the village they are reinforcing to a different village. The only option is to let them stay or let them return home.

    How the game mechanics work - capitals
    When your start, your first village is your capital. You can only have one capital at a time.
    Capitals have the following benefits:

    • Capitals can never be stolen or captured
    • Capital can build the stone mason to help protect them from siege weapons
    • Capitals can build their resources tiles up to levels 21

    Villages that are non-capitals can be stolen. They cannot build the stone mason, and they can build their resource tiles to level 10 maximum. Changing capitals is possible but the village that was the former capital will lose all its special advantages. In addition, any resource tiles over 10 become level 10, and the stone mason is destroyed.

    Other gameplay aspects

    Server progression
    While some online games never have a clear end, or run for years and years without any end in sight; travian has a clear server structure that sets each server to last 11-12 months.

    The server can be split into start game, mid-game and end-game components:

    Start-game is the first 1-3 months of the server. This is where you start your empire, start forming teams with other players.

    Mid-game takes place at around 130 days into the server, and what happens is that special artifacts are released. These artifacts give special advantages to whoever has them! Many wars will be fought to steal artifacts, and to keep them! In mid-game you will be practicing your team work and working with others in military missions or in defense missions.

    takes place at around 260 days of the server. Endgame is the final and ultimate team challenge in the game! The first team that builds a Wonder of the World to level 100 wins the server!

    Building a Wonder of the World is not easy. To participate and contribute to the endgame Wonder of the World race you will need a strong military and economic powerhouse.

    heros are important part of travian. You can only have one hero alive at any one time, and heros give special and unique advantages.

    Game Gold
    Game gold can be purchased. Gold offers the chance to increase your economy by buying production bonuses. Other features, such as queing buildings to build while your away help you to advance in the game

    Game rules
    The game rules can be quickly and easily summed up as:

    • Dont cheat (ie dont create multiple accounts or by using illegal hacks)
    • Be polite and respectful to those you chat to in game.

    Checking you game progress
    Players compete on size of their empires, attack ranks, defense ranks, and hero ranks. In addition to this, teams (alliances) also compete against other alliances in size, and in attack ranks and in defense ranks.
    In addition to this, there are special medals handed out weekly. There medals are give to the top performing alliances as well as the top performing players of the week.

    In total there are 4 categories that medals are awarded for, they are:

    • Growth
    • Attacking
    • Defending
    • Raiding

    Here is how to find the statistics button (note ive circled it with red)

    that will bring up a screen that shows your current rank.

    To find your offense statisics, click on the swords. To find your defense statistics, click on the shield. To find your progress from the week, click on the trophy (note ive highlighted the swords, shield and trophy in red, ive aslo marked where to click on to find your alliance rank, village rank and hero rank)

    Should you click on the word "alliances" it will show where your alliance ranks compared to the other allainces. Again, you can click on the swords, shield, or trophy to see where your compares in military stats.

    im expecting to get heavily critised by everyone for this thing. but heres the thing, i recently got this IGM:
    if anyone has enough resources and has any spare settlers that they dont really need, please send them to 6caleb (not sure this is his name! please check forum!!!)

    i check on the internal game forums, the guy needing settlers is sub 100 pop asking for settlers urgently as he is under heavy attack -> the entire alliance is sub 400 pop and everyone has just 1 village. This is one of those 'taskmaster' alliances where they simply have no clue to the aspects of the game. so im trying to write something for them simply as i couldnt find anything else that explains it. (/me is sorry for teaching them how to do mm's. Good thing is i now get 1 good laugh a day)

    if you guys know a guide that already exists that covers this, then let me know it will save me alot of time.

    this is nowhere near complete. just saving this so i can work on it at work.

    really odd writing this. Everything here is 'assumed' knowledge. things your just meant to know before bp ends, not when your leading an alliance of 20 people.

    PLEASE, no comments yet, this is just a mock draft that as i need to kinda reply to them quickly.

    this is almost a pre-travian guide... or a wiki guide, rather then something to go on the forums.
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    Played travian for 4 years, and all I got was:

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    This is much needed! We take it for granted, such basic things, but those who are truly new to the game need something like this, that gives an overview that makes sense of -why- they are doing the things the taskmaster directs. And of course, covers the win-condition for the game - something that is astonishingly absent from TG's game information (or was, last I checked).

    I look forward to the completed guide!

    <.< ... does this count as a comment?

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