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Thread: Steve's T4 Hero & Adventure FAQ

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    Steve's T4 Hero & Adventure FAQ

    Section 1: Hero & Adventure Questions

    Why are there no more adventures in my list?

    Adventures appear semi-randomly throughout the day on all T4 servers and are unique to you however you will only receive a certain number of adventures based on how long your account has been active.

    At activation you get 3 adventures. After this you will receive: (Brackets are speed servers)

    Day 1 - 3: 3 adventures each day (3 adventures every 8 hours)
    Day 4 - 7: 2 adventures each day (2 adventures every 8 hours)
    Day 8 - 21: 1.2 adventures each day (1.2 adventures every 8 hours)
    Day 22 - end of server: 0.6 adventures each day (0.6 adventures every 8 hours)

    Why do I sometimes get nothing on adventures?

    After the first 10 adventures your rewards for going on adventures are completely random so you could be lucky and receive 10 helmets in a row but other times you will receive nothing. This isn't a bug in the game, it's just a way of adding risk to the adventures system.

    What will I get in my first 10 adventures?

    On all your adventures you will receive both hero health damage and experience but on top of this in the first 10 adventures you will definitely receive:

    1x Nothing
    1x A Horse
    2x Resources
    2x Silver
    1x Troops (3 units to be exact)
    1x A number of cages
    1x Book of wisdom
    1x A number of ointments

    Why is my hero dying or taking loads of damage?

    A key factor in deciding how much damage a hero takes in adventures is the strength of your hero, the higher your strength the less damage your hero will take during adventures. Also as time goes by the adventures will get progressively harder and that's why you need to increase the strength of your hero as the server continues, this can be done by adding your trait points to the fighting option or by equipping items which provide a strength boost.

    What's the difference between a hard & normal adventure?

    There are two main differences between hard and normal adventures, first of all hard adventures will provide you with roughly double the experience of a normal adventures and secondly the damage will be significantly higher. Will try and compare some reports to find out roughly how much higher.

    Don't I need a Heroes Mansion to have a hero?

    No you don't, in Travian 4 the only purpose of a heroes mansion is to allow you to capture oasis, it is no longer need if you wish to have a hero. However if you send your hero to another one of your villages you will need a Heroes Mansion to be able to control him from there.

    Have Oasis Changed in T4?

    In Travian 4 there has been quite a significant change in that oasis can now hold up to 4000 in resources rather than the previous 1600 limit. In the grey zone of the map there are now 50% oasis for iron, clay & wood. 50% oasis hold up to 8000 resources at one time. However you still need a level 10, then a level 15 and then a level 20 heroes mansion to occupy oases.

    Do heroes level up faster than before?

    On Travian 4 the amount of experience needed before a hero increases in level has been greatly reduced and because of adventures more experience is available. So yes heroes level up significantly faster than in previous versions.

    What makes the heroes of different tribes different?

    Each tribal hero has two main factors that make them different to the other tribe's heroes. The main one is the weapons they can hold, there are five unique weapons for each tribe which only heroes of that tribe can hold. The second difference is the unique ability of that hero. These unique abilities are:

    Roman Hero: Strength increase by 100 for each point instead of 80!
    Teuton Hero: When hero is sent on a raid the raid gets 20% cranny dip!
    Gaul Hero: When mounted they get +5 speed (+10 on Speed)

    How long does a hero take to revive?

    The amount of time a hero takes to revive is (level of the hero + 1) hours and is capped at 24 hours (12 hours on a speed server). The cost of reviving a hero is also capped.

    Can my hero items be stolen/lost/plunder/given away?

    In short hero items cannot be taken or lost in any circumstances. However you can sell your items at auction but there is no way to restrict who your items can be sold to.

    What does stackable for items mean?

    Stackable means you can have multiple units of that item in one tile space in your inventory and use more than one at once. For example because cages are stackable you are able to equip as many cages as you wish to your hero at one time, however for something like helmets which aren't stackable you are only able to use one at a time.

    When do the higher tiers appear?

    Item Tier Dates

    Level 1 - Start to day 75 (25 Days)
    Level 2 - Days 75 to 165 (25 - 55 Days)
    Level 3 - Day 165 onwards (Day 55 Onwards)

    Day amounts are for regular length servers. Brackets are for speed.

    How much Crop does my hero consume?

    All heroes consume 6 crop per hour.

    An attack came in but my hero didn't defend, why?

    In this situation you need to check that you haven't selected the 'Hero will not defend' option on the hero page, if this is checked your hero will not defend against attacks and will not gain experience. 'Hero will not defend' is the default option when you start a Travian server so if you want XP make sure to uncheck it after registration.

    Which Animals are the best to capture?

    All animals offer different defence against cavalry and infantary so it's a personal choice which you prefer to capture but to make it easier to decide I've included the statistics for each animal:

    What is the maximum hero level?

    There is no maximum level for a hero on Travian 4 although once you get to level 99 there will be no further use to the points gained from a new level because your attributes will each have been fully powered up.

    How many experience points do I need to level my hero up?

    For each level there is a set number of experience points, this is the same on both normal length servers and speed servers. I've taken the following list of experience levels from the Travian 4 Answers page:

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    Thanks for that you have helped me understand the hero much more.

    Thanks me for the signature

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    Hey thanks Steve, didn't even know there were item tiers...

    That Nature troop guide was useful, thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthStuv View Post
    Hey thanks Steve, didn't even know there were item tiers...

    That Nature troop guide was useful, thanks!

    Thanks, glad to be of help. Each tier is better than the next, Kirriliod has a full item list. Forum Moderator

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    The guide has now received a quite small update to adapt some answers and add a completely new answer.

    Now I'm not a .com mod I'll have time to start some more T4 guides and update my new Roman Guide! Forum Moderator

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    Thank you! That was good info and nice to see a new member with some nouse! Any info on using the cages? I have some but are yet to try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgasshk View Post
    Thank you! That was good info and nice to see a new member with some nouse! Any info on using the cages? I have some but are yet to try!
    A friend of mine wrote a quick guide for cages that is on my blog here:

    Cage Guide

    It's quite useful but when I have time I'm going to work with him to help improve it and post it up on the Travian forums, just a matter of priorities and finding the time really. Forum Moderator

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    Guide has been updated with two new questions and answers as well as slight changes to previous answers. Forum Moderator

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    Anyone know how much res it takes to revive a hero? t4 that is.

    If you could make a table showing how much needed to revive per level.

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    Go to and where it says: I have a question about…
    click on "troops"
    Then for:
    Let's get into the details:
    click on "Hero"
    and then "Revival cost/time of the hero"

    That will give resource cost for each hero level and roughly how long it takes to revive.

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