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Thread: Meatbags casual roman diary

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    Quote Originally Posted by aesculapian View Post
    .... and there's the other big advantage of crannies - for negligible cost, they are the most cost-efficient CP-generators around; closely followed by the Main Building. If you're NOT going to throw parties early on, then I'd argue that crannies and MB upgrades are essential for getting your second-village CP in good time.

    I feel I have to argue that one, while the protection offered by the cranny is always useful there are better and cheaper ways of producing culture points.

    Quote Originally Posted by roids001 View Post
    Threads back from the dead!!!

    So I've been thinking about this one for a while,and I thought I could add something. Just an early game view on effictient culture points. So I crunched some numbers. Using Kirilloid, i found that its chaper to get an acadamy ranther than build another cranny.

    here's what i came up with.

    lv 10 cranny.
    ( 6CP) Total res= 5005

    Acadamy prerequisites.

    Main building.lv3
    (3CP) total res= 555

    rally point lv1
    (1CP) total res= 430

    Barracks lv3
    (2CP) total res= 2865

    acadamy lv1
    (5CP) total res= 510

    Acadamy prerequisites total res= 3860 (6CP)
    With the acadamy total res= 4360
    total CP= 11

    So I think thats pretty cool, If you are confidant, you will be online to spend res, you can forget about having too many crannys and go for an acadamy, you will need to build all this anyway, you get the CP cheaper, and maybe even faster( I didn't do build times).

    so you could build another 2 crannies for over 10k or IF YOU ARE CONFIDANT YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR RES (sorry if that seemed a bit strong) you could go for an acadamy at half price and 1 les cp.

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    True (and I have to confess, I've only just seen your post on my CP efficiency thread)! In similar vein, a level 6 MB will generate 6 CP per day for a total building cost of 2300 - again, less than half the cost of a L10 cranny. Because CP cost-effectiveness of buildings is non-linear, you do tend to get better value-for-money out of lower levels.

    But all that still supports my point, that troops and res tiles are not all you want to be making - some buildings are worth developing (cheaply) purely for their CP value. Troops can be killed; resources can be stolen or destroyed; but CP are the one asset that can never be taken from you.
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    While thats a good point, important infrastructure for a party will have a much better CP generation than a cranny and won't end up being a useless pop building that needs to be demolished.

    Our loss of resources hardly had any effect on our game plan. I only added it in to show its not the end of the world to go offline for periods of time and be raided. Spending that res on multiple crannies however would have wasted a lot of resources in the meantime slowing our field production. Then we would need to demolish them two days later.

    I do agree for a solo player more than one cranny may be neccersary. However for the one night we lost a few resources, it was not worth our time. It's also a personal choice. I hate crannies. I don't care abut the value of them for anything, I won't build more than one simply because I don't like them stanking up my villages.

    At the time we lost resources, it was a bit under 2 hrs of our production. The 5005 resouces needed to build another cranny is more than we lost anyway.

    RIP Mathy. Forever loved!

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