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Thread: External Links To Make Your Life Easier

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    12 Jul 2010

    Cool External Links To Make Your Life Easier


    Contains statistics of villages, players and alliancesArchived Statistics
    Contains statistics of villages, players and alliances from completed serversTroops
    Compare the different types of troops using different stats to optimise your combat strategyMarketplace / Wheat
    Analyse negative wheat production and in-coming merchants giving a more accurate viewsCopy and paste in-game battle reports to generate an report that and be read by friends outside your alliance or for displaying on the forum (names must be censored), or to give battle statisticsSimulate the attack to give anticipated battle outcomes for attacks or defenders.
    More accurate than the Travian in-game Combat tool

    Distance and Time calculators

    Calculate travel times between villages giving the length, time and date on which you should launch your troops depending of their type planning attacks or defenseCustomised signatures displaying your in-game account details, updated automatically every day

    Farm / Inactivity Finders

    Search inactive players with low population increasesCustom Travian themes, Graphicpacks, Maps, & Add-On ProjectsVast amounts of information on tribes, troops, buildings and much much moreWeb sites with a wide range of useful tools, charts, guides and information View global maps highlighting other players or alliances
    Last edited by Skip; 24th October 2010 at 09:38 PM. Reason: Removal of link to script + removal of link to illegal stats website

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    24 Sep 2008
    Hawkes Bay,NZ
    Its great that someone has done this But you forgot possibly the most useful site

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    1 Jul 2009
    Dunedin NZ
    Naah Oggie, its there

    First one under Multi tools

    ++ rep from me OP
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    12 Jul 2010
    Thanks xirena for removal but can you please pm me which of link you have removed ?
    so i wont suggest those to fellow players anymore.

    [ca=Xirena]PM sent. [/ca]

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    25 Apr 2009


    Good guide +rep

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