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Thread: Back after two years

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    14 Aug 2010

    Back after two years

    hey im looking for a alliance to join i used to play about 2 years ago. back then i was 2IC of a decent alliance i handled all the admin and organizing side because i was very active.
    Ive just started on a number of servers at the moment and im doing all the right stuff like just building up res lvls and crannies b4 my BP runs out

    Heres a list of servers and areas im playing in

    servers Location

    Aux SW

    Au1 SE

    Au4 NW

    Comx NE

    Comx2 NE

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    Probably on Walkabout

    Send me an IGM and I'll invite you to join CE.
    Probably on walkabout.

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    8 Feb 2010
    Advice: playing that many servers, especially solo, is asking for suicide. Better to stick with one or two and do well.
    From the US.

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    20 Feb 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by finchyq View Post
    ... i used to play about 2 years ago. ...
    how did you kill the addiction I need to know

    Lasted out 2 years now cant get enough again. welcome back

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    I was flat out at work and i was working my --- of for my alliance and they where pretty useless so i got sick of it and quit 2 years later i was bored in my room girlfriend was away for work and i was over all my xbox games so i decided to start up travian again.

    yea I know Playing that many servers is stupid but I will delete the ones that are not doing so well
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    Cool Story bro.

    Goodluck on Aux.
    New in Aux,first round for me...

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