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Thread: how to effectivly use the trapper

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    24 Jan 2010
    too many long posts, which i have not read, so not sure if i am repeating someone else's opinions.

    but i play gauls and have never bothered with a trapper, unless i wanted to hide some chiefs or settlers or something.

    as a gaul in early game, not many people try to raid you cause getting trapped may be expensive. by the time they try, you probably have your crannies up, although again, i generally dont build too many of these unless i intend to sim. best tactic is to dodge and spend. whether people will wise up to this i dont know, but as it stands, people often go easy on gauls early on, and so you can often get away with just the "assumed" presence of traps
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    Is it possible to starve enemy troops caught in your traps if crop production becomes negative and would your own troops starve first?

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    when you trap your enemies troops, they dont eat your food at all, they eat the food from their home village.

    If their village runs out of crop, then yes, there troops will starve and die.
    If trapped troops starve (or suicide) your traps will be repaired automatically and for free.

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