Bosnian speed is very good server. It finisch 4.11.2008, so it will reset son

Im looking for 3 players, thay must:
1. be expiriance
2. raid a lot (army must be always out)
3. buy at least 30 gold (1.99$) every week
4. aggresive
5. have MSN

1. from 19 to 1 (london time, GTM 0)
2. from 1 to 7 (london time, GTM 0
3. from 7 to 13 (london time, GTM 0)

concat me on PM

in PM message must to be:

how much you play travian, where are you from, in wich of this 3 periods
can you play, on wich servers you play beafore,can you buy a gold (how much), did you very won a medal (from wath and wath place), waths you best rank, how much army you had, how much pop did had, your MSN

P.s. sorry form my englisch