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Thread: Guide to the Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by aesculapian View Post
    Great guide - thank you, Simmins! Even as a forum 'regular', I learnt a fair bit from this.

    One odd 'bug': when I click on the 'Section 2', 'Section 3', 'Section 4' and their subheadings at the top of the post, they ALL take me to Section 1. This is despite the url giving the correct postcount for the section; and indeed, the postcount quoted on the grey bar at the top of the post is the correct one for the section, but the post is always the one titled "How to access the Forums".

    Is my computer just having a stroke, or do other people have the same thing?

    [ca=Xirena]No, your computer's not having a stroke. The links are incorrect, and I suspect if Simmins checks the code behind the WYSIWYG editor, he'll find the issue. [/ca]
    Fixed Thanks for pointing that out!
    Probably on walkabout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simmins View Post

    General tips

    • Post in clear, full sentences. Don't use text speak, or anything like that. It's annoying to read, and people will most likely think less of you.
    • Don't post "I agree" or "lol". It doesn't contribute to the thread.
    Simmins, I love you.

    All <3 to Hmphy-Bunny for the sig.

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    Wow Simmins.... just WOW.

    That's a very good guide, thank you for your time and effort.


    Thanks to Slash for the sig.

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