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  1. You're back!

    It may actually be a good server again yeah So far it seems we have 4 comparable WW-teams even though it's still quite early in the server! Good competition and no way to tell yet who will win
  2. Wait what? I thought he was lmks lol massive scouting on me like7k scouts ... so sent a parting hello as delete hit ... my bad I sent it of the phone didnt even check profile just swnt of the scouting dam thats awkward...
  3. Wait why did u hit aDu? He's with us.. :/
  4. Bugger sorry john delete hits in like 4hrs taking a break till next year wjen travian 5comes out, catcha on the forums mate all the best and have a good xmas mate cheers mac
  5. You can set me up as sitter, I'll pump out those praets for you!
  6. Can you come online on au3? I think Christian was angry about ur message saying that sending those praets was a waste
  7. Can you set up Gimli for sitter? He's not too far away I think and can access a large amount of def if needed All he does is watch series on netflix anyways
  8. Who's your sitter?
  9. logging in now , whats my sitter doing ? nothing ...
  10. Mate you gotta login on au3 for a bit
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