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  1. Nice work jordan , yer K-jay told me good experience for him ,shame about #1 spot lol congrats on the mines mate. Not really playing any trav atm got a pretty lame muck around account i check like maybe twice a month lol if that atm might sus T5 out when it arrives on the AU scene other than that still enjoying my retirement from trav again hahahaha. Still check the forums as you can see. Catcha on the flip side mate.
  2. I had top attacker in the bag with thor1, hit ser johns WW 3 times and had about 1.5mil+ kills at the end but kamo cleared natar WWs after I'd sent the remainder off at LS. It was a shame really as I only stayed to keep the #1 attacker spot and lost it in the last few hrs (felt cheated, abused a few people). Didnt log back in for a while so forgot to save reports, but i'm assuming aimee would have them plus our hit on her if your interested. Im busy working in mines atm and probably shouldn't be on here haha
    On the plus side - K Jay won and we still managed to get top hero with like 1.75mil experience lol
  3. Hey Jords , how's sunny Qld treating you ? did you end up doing the intern-ship in canada ? yup yup mate need a dual for au1 , get on skype i'm on atm
  4. I hear your looking for a dual? Im lurking on aux for a while
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