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  1. Thanks ...(character count limit)...
  2. Congrats on getting the admin role btw.
  3. There's always next year.
    I like Slipknot, Korn all that stuff as well as some of the "Emo" bands, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack, Ect.
  4. Totally forgot to reply to the last post you made on my page >_>
    Rock is definitely my fav music genre but my taste is really varied. I've got everything from Slipknot to Sinatra on my play list.
    I just got my Soundwave tickets yesterday and as I thought, it's an all ages event. They just restrict the sections where alcohol is served. Probably all sold out now though
  5. Well thats what my friend said, and me and him are quite large metalheads.
    Yea Chop Suey is a good song, definately one of my favourites.
    What other music do you like?
  6. Ah, I forgot you're a youngin I don't know about age limits, are there any? I can't remember anyone checking my ID when I went this year but my memory can be pretty bad.
    Tough question, probably Chop Suey (it's my most played SOAD song according to iTunes) and Toxicity for the album. Although System of A Down and Steal this Album! are both close behind in the running
  7. I Wish, isn't 16 the age before you can buy tickets.?
    If not i would so think about it.
    Whats Your Fav SOAD song/album. mines Hypnotize and album Toxicity
  8. Nice sig

    Went to your about me page to make sure I was on the right profile and saw you have SOAD in your interests. <3333 SOAD. You going to Soundwave next year? I'm going to be on the barrier if it kills me it's gonna be awesome
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