While I realize that it can be tempting for some to take a guide they find on another domain and post it here as their own, please be aware that this is not acceptable. The authors of these guides often go to great lengths to run calculations, do research, and condense it all into something useful for others. Some even go the extra mile and include screenshots and spreadsheets. It is not at all fair for someone else to take credit for all that work!

If you do find a guide that you wish to reproduce on our domain, please follow these guidelines so that we may keep everyone honest and happy:

  • Get permission from the author to reproduce their work. Attempt to contact them through that forum. If they have not been there in a long time (check their profile for the 'last activity' date), then write a message to that forum's admin and see if they are willing to contact the player via email on your behalf (if emailing them yourself isn't a forum option). This may take some time, but I assure you, nobody will perish if you don't get the guide up on our forum immediately.
  • If that fails entirely - you have attempted contact, tried posting on the original guide thread to see if anyone knows where the author is, etc... then contact me with a link to the guide you wish to post, and I will assist you in trying again.
  • If those efforts still yield no result, provisional permission to post the guide will be given by me, the provision being that proper credit and a link to the original guide is very clearly and prominently placed at the top of the guide.
  • If you DO manage to make contact with the author, have him/her email me via the Contact Us link at the bottom of our forum pages, or via private message if they have an AU forum account. Once they have notified me that permission has been given, I will record that information behind the scenes and let you know that you have a green light to post the guide with proper credit.

Again, none of this is to make life difficult or unfair. On the contrary, we want authors to receive their due credit, and users to avoid the whole 'being outed as a plagiarist' embarrassment. It's win-win for both parties.

Thank you!